What is the process to print a standard report with Xero?

Xero is a New Zealand based software company that has been providing accounting benefits to develop business by taking it to another level. It is the key for accountants and bookkeepers as it enables them to do the complex activities very simply. They believe that small businesses are the heart of any nation as they are the ones who contribute the most in the national GDP and that is why they work to provide better tools, apps, information and connections for them.

In this article, we have simplified the method to print or email the standard receipt, developed by Xero Business Help Center. It will be helpful if you have made a batch deposit or received payments from your customers. You should generate a standard receipt and send them to your customers as PDF to provide them with a proof that you have received the amount.

Method to email the receipt

  • Go to the Accounts Menu and click on the tab for Bank Accounts
  • From the list of banks, select the one in which you have received the payment
  • Search and click one of these options on the screen of your selected bank.
  • Payments: Multiple items
  • Payments: Multiple items
  • Name of the Customer (Receive Money Transactions)
  • Now, Click on Send Receipt in case you have made a batch payment or Click Options and then Select Send receipt in case you have received a single payment
  • After this, you can Enter or Edit the information from the window to the Send receipt as PDF
  • And finally, click Send

Use this method provided by Xero to generate the online standard receipt as PDF files for the single or batch payments that you have received. You can also visit their Official Website or dial the Xero Customer Helpline Number if you find any trouble while exercising this or any other method developed by Xero.